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140411 heading to LA

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Sungjong (and Jonghyun) at LA Korea Festival

Jungshin at LA Korea Festival

team kill

140412 KBS LA K-pop Festival: INFINITE leaving their dressing room []

Did you watch My Love From Another Star? In any case, that moment when you and Minhyuk exchanged looks for a fleeting moment, kdrama moment necessitates OST "YOU AREE MY DESTINYYY~"

no i haven’t but the way he looked at me was 

like this

minus the wave

[Fanaccount] 140412 KBS Los Angeles K-pop Festival

Well, I guess since I’m on a study break, I will write up my fanaccount for the KBS LA kpop fest open concert on April 12th! I really hope I remember everything lol

After the pre-concert activities I’m going to separate my thoughts by k-pop group. I’ll probably be focusing on CNBLUE, but I’ll be sure to include any other thoughts about the groups I saw that day. 

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Fanboy Yong

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