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your favorite concert of 2012? c: &&& why? :P

Do you even have to ask though?!

CNBLUE & FTISLAND’s Stand up live!!


1. First K-pop Concert Experience

2. I met my first batch of awesome concert friends/buddies

3. I made a promise with myself that if CNBLUE ever came over to LA to play live in a concert, I would absolutely go and I did.

4. Minhyuk totally fawked up my bias list

5. Ftisland barged into my top 5 favorite kpop groups

6. You ran after CNBLUE’s van and Jungshin smiled & waved at you.



2:07pm · Tuesday, January 1st, 2013 · 2 notes
tags » albaka · i should gif you running after their van OMFG · epic moment is epic ·
  1. wookyu said: Hell yes. Number 2. Camilla you dork. GG. and DUDE YOU HAVE TO GIF IT.
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