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Happy Birthday Cho Kyuhyun! 2.03.1988

Wow, this is late. Argh, I’m always late with birthdays!

But aside from that, It’s my precious retired bias’s 26th birthday. Are you guys guessing why he’s my retired bias? It’s not because this boy is getting old, but it’s because he has a special place in my heart. Although there’s someone that I claim as an ultimate bias now, I will never forget who my first, foremost Ultimate bias was, and that is Cho Kyuhyun. He welcomed me into the world of K-pop and I still remember the first time I saw him in Super Junior M’s Super girl video, and instantly biased him. I barely knew anything about k-pop during that time, but he was the first guy I was attached to, and no one can ever replace how much he’s done that has made me into the k-pop fangirl I am today. The first bias I spazzed over, the first bias I got possessive over, the first bias that I worried my heart over, the first bias I wanted to punch in the face, the first bias I wanted to meet and hug with my all my might, the first bias to my first k-pop group, the first bias who warmed my heart with his amazing voice. Cho Kyuhyun, even though you’re retired from being my ultimate bias, I still love you very much. And somewhere in my heart, you’re still #1. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. You deserve the best. ♥

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